When 28 Days Isn’t Enough

I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently for a podcast with Salt Lake Magazine for their weekly podcast, Salt Lake Speaks! I wanted to share it here. Give it a listen. We need to keep this dialogue going, as this epidemic is not going away anytime soon. We can do better. So let's do … Continue reading When 28 Days Isn’t Enough


33 It is Okay to be Okay . . .

"It is Okay to be Okay" . . . These were Cassidy’s words in a dream that her dad had shortly after her death. Her message to me was, “tell mom it is okay to be okay, we’ve all suffered enough already” . . .

29 Dear Cassidy,

Dear Cassidy, It’s been almost a year since you left us and every day I ache.  Every day I beat myself up for not answering that last phone call you made to me just a few hours before you took your last breath on the bathroom floor. And even more, for not calling you back … Continue reading 29 Dear Cassidy,

28 The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a part of the chaos theory that states that one small change in a situation can drastically change the outcome of an event. The circumstances which originated the term, “The Butterfly Effect”, goes something like this: A butterfly flaps its wings in Japan which causes tiny changes in the atmosphere, which ultimately cause … Continue reading 28 The Butterfly Effect

27 Stuff I Learned From My (dead) Daughter. . .

When Cassidy was alive, she was truly ALIVE! Now that she's gone, via that damn needle that filled her blood stream with poison, I have found myself looking back at all the little nuggets I learned from her during her short life (and if I'm being honest, much of it I learned from her death, … Continue reading 27 Stuff I Learned From My (dead) Daughter. . .

26  The Queen of Make-believe

I am the Queen of Make-believe! Actually, it sounded more like this, "I am the Queen of Make-a-Beeve!"  That's what our precocious little 2 year old Cassidy loudly and proudly proclaimed herself to be (with a crown on her soft blond hair, undoubtedly). And boy howdy, was she ever. Always dreaming up some fantasy or … Continue reading 26  The Queen of Make-believe

25 Be back soon. . .

I haven't felt like writing lately. In fact, if I'm being honest with myself, I haven't felt  much of anything lately. Just another stop in one of those pesky stages of grief I suppose. So here I sit. . . Watching time trickle by, without her. Sometimes I'm sentimental about all things Cassidy, but lately … Continue reading 25 Be back soon. . .