18 My Mom card has been revoked

(originally published May 13. 2017) Tomorrow is Mother's Day. And it's not just any Mother's Day. Tomorrow will be the first Mother's Day for me that has a big fat question mark. Am I still a mother? I know I would tell anyone else in the same situation that yes of course you're still a … Continue reading 18 My Mom card has been revoked

My New Normal (Book) coming soon …

It's happening!  I am publishing my book.  We are weeks away from the official book launch on Amazon.  I will post updates here.  And stay tuned for giveaways and special discounts to my blog followers.  One of the many reasons I decided to write and publish this book was because of the many comments and … Continue reading My New Normal (Book) coming soon …

When 28 Days Isn’t Enough

I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently for a podcast with Salt Lake Magazine for their weekly podcast, Salt Lake Speaks! I wanted to share it here. Give it a listen. We need to keep this dialogue going, as this epidemic is not going away anytime soon. We can do better. So let's do … Continue reading When 28 Days Isn’t Enough

25 Be back soon. . .

I haven't felt like writing lately. In fact, if I'm being honest with myself, I haven't felt  much of anything lately. Just another stop in one of those pesky stages of grief I suppose. So here I sit. . . Watching time trickle by, without her. Sometimes I'm sentimental about all things Cassidy, but lately … Continue reading 25 Be back soon. . .

4 Cassidy’s Story, according to Cassidy. . .

I found this school paper of Cassidy's on my laptop just a few weeks after her death.  I think it's such an interesting look at her life, according to her, as a teenager.  A heartbreaking peek into the mind of an addict and the perceptions of a brain that had been remapped by opiates. Most … Continue reading 4 Cassidy’s Story, according to Cassidy. . .

3 Cassidy’s Eulogy (as told by mom)

Please watch: Cassidy's memorial scrapbook video Written and spoken by Charla Cochran Bocchicchio at Cassidy Aspen Cochran’s Celebration of Life on November 18, 2016. -we never intended to become the poster family for this issue, but here we are. Cassidy died of a Heroin overdose, this is our truth. We lived with this disease as a family … Continue reading 3 Cassidy’s Eulogy (as told by mom)